International Conference on Image and Signal Processing
June 30-July 2, 2014, Cherbourg, Normandy, France.

MCS 2014

The 16th International Symposium on Multispectral Colour Science MCS 14 will be organized as part of ICISP 2014. Submissions will be handled through ICISP 2014 electronic submission system and the conference proceedings with final versions of the accepted papers will be published by Springer in their series Lecture Notes in Computer Science.

Call for Papers

Many aspects of multi- and hyper- spectral image acquisition, processing, analysis and reproduction have been extensively researched recently due to the technological advances in filtering and image acquisition devices. Moreover, There are numerous applications, such as quality control, agriculture, medicine, cosmetic industry, art-works studying, printing, etc., in which spectral imaging is more and more exploited. As a consequence, many of the problems generally encountered in Remote Sensing (dimensionality reduction, classification, fusion, coding and compression, visualization, etc.) have been reformulated and cast into their new contexts rising new scientific challenges.
This symposium is intended to review the current state of the art and address major challenges and future directions in spectral color science and imaging. Scientists and engineers from all over the world are invited to exchange knowledge, technology, and ideas on various topics such as novel multispectral techniques, multispectral encoding, spectral-based image processing, the evaluation and applications of multispectral systems, and color imaging, etc.
Topics of interest include all aspects of spectral color and imaging, but are not limited to:
  • Capture, Processing, and Analysis
  • Image Quality
  • Image Visualization, Display, and Reproduction
  • Spectral Optimization of Light Sources and Displays
  • Spectral Image Applications
  • Color Imaging

Paper Submission and Dates

The MCS 2014 committee cordially invites you to submit your recent research results, in the form of full papers of up to 8 pages length. Submissions will follow the same rules as ICISP 2014 and will be handled through its electronic submission system, see the instructions. Consult also the important dates.

History of MCS

The 16th International Symposium on Multispectral Colour Science (MCS '14) builds on a tradition since 1999 to bring together researchers in the field of spectral colour science and Imaging. The MCS symposium was launched in 1999 as The International Symposium on Multispectral Imaging and Colour Reproduction for Digital Archives on the initiative of Professor Yoichi Miyake from Chiba University, Japan. Since 2001 the multispectral symposium has been organised by an informal consortium of researchers, mostly incorporated into larger international conferences, for instance, more recently with AIC Colour 05 in Granada, Spain, IS&T/SPIE's Electronic Imaging Symposium 2006 in San José, California, and IS&T's 4th European Conference on Colour in Graphics, Imaging, and Vision, CGIV2008, in Terrassa, Spain, 16th Scandinavian Conference on Image Analysis SCIA2009, Oslo Norway, CGIV2010, Joensuu, Finland and AIC Colour 2013, Newcastle upon Tyne, England.
This year's collaboration with the 6th International Conference on Image and Signal Processing should prove beneficial by bringing together the colour and multispectral community, and the image and signal processing community.
MCS 2014 is organized with the support of COSCH COSCH logo.

General Chair of MCS 2014

Alamin MANSOURI, France

Program Committee of MCS 2014

Francisco IMAI, USA
Jon Yngve HARDEBERG, Norway
Markku HAUTA-KASARI, Finland
Bernhard Hill, Germany
Alamin MANSOURI, France
Yoichi MIYAKE, Japan
Jussi PARKKINEN, Malaysia
Norimishi TSUMURA, Japan
Philipp URBAN, Germany